• Our Paradigm

    The Opportunity

    We see an unprecedented opportunity for human kind to evolve beyond rational thinking and being and to embrace a more connected, more intuitive wisdom-based perspective of the world and we believe that enlightened leaders are best placed to lead humankind into a new world order that respects all aspects of the planet including people, animals and all life on planet Earth.

    Evolving beyond Rational

    In the 1970s humankind reached a significant stage in the evolutionary process, a stage differentiated from the previous stages or levels by its recognition of the connectedness or one-ness of reality. Guided by the thinking of Ken Wilber, an increasing number of people are recognising how rational “divide and fragment” thinking has contributed to many of the existential challenges we face. A small but growing number of people are moving from what Wilber describes as “Pre-Rational” through “Rational” into “Trans-Rational” levels of consciousness incorporating new ways of thinking and being. For example, Frederic Laloux in his book “Reinventing Organisations” is using the evolutionary paradigm to explore how organisations transform from “Rational” (“yes, but”) to “Trans-Rational” (“yes and”).

    As analysed by Wilber across a wide range of scientific disciplines and perspectives, this evolution in human consciousness is particularly significant because it is an inclusive, systemic world perspective that enables us to work with connectedness, complexity and ambiguity. 

    Individual and Collective Transformation through Leadership

    The sages of history (mystics like Confucius, Buddha, Christ, many others) developed to the highest levels of consciousness. We draw on the wisdom and practices of humankind’s greatest thinkers, philosophers and mystics and apply them to the modern business world to support transformation at a personal and organisational level. 

    Transformation is possible. The primary barrier to transformation is ego. This limited and limiting perspective will stop transformation in its tracks. We can do better. Great leadership can take us to where we need to go. We support the creation of transformational leaders through coaching and workshops, virtually and face to face.