• but also by the heart” “We know the truth, not only by the reason, Blaise Pascale French Mathematician, Physicist, Inventor, Writer and Theologian.
  • Limitless Evolutionary Potential


    Most people would agree that Humankind has probably never faced such a significant series of existential threats and that current ways of thinking are not solving our most significant challenges. We need to think and act differently. This was already true before COVID-19. Now, for many people and for many businesses, it is no longer optional.

    Although Humankind may be prepared technologically and intellectually to address these complex, urgent challenges, something more is needed. A leader’s consciousness can evolve and transform by integrating mind, heart and soul. This involves working with self, with relationships and with decision-making.

    The pursuit of co-created solutions which work for humans and for the natural world is the next chapter in Human Evolution. Some Leaders and some Organisations are already operating in evolutionary new ways.

    Our approach is based on ideas associated with the evolution of Consciousness (Ken Wilber and others), on 20 years’ experience in business and on 20 years of meditation. We want to work with Corporate leaders who will lead humanity into a future where thinking becomes wisdom and emotion is transformed into compassion and where wisdom and compassion drive results in an integrated way which benefits the individual, the corporate entity, humanity and the environment.

  • Our Team

    • Deirdre Quiery
      "Ideas" Director
    • Martin Quiery
      "Let's do it" Director