We support skill development in the following areas:

Strategy Implementation

A new idea (a “Vision”) needs people to pull together to make it a reality. We cover all aspects of this process from Creating a Vision, developing an Implementation Plan (including a Communication Plan) and successfully executing (by knowing who is doing what and ensuring that the skills and processes enable success and then by focusing on delivery).
“Leading at a Higher Level” by Ken Blanchard and others.

Leading Change

Everything we do is “change”, so it seems curious that we are largely unaware of how it affects us and how and why we resist change. When we begin to understand that change is intimately linked to life and creativity, the Leader’s role is to create focus and inspire others to draw on their full potential in response to a rapidly changing business environment. This requires Insight, Wisdom and high levels of Emotional Intelligence.
“Leading Change” by John P Kotter

Decision Making

Leadership Success is based on three fundamental skills; the ability to make effective decisions, the ability to care for others and the ability to inspire others. Effective Decision Making is influenced by Values, Perspectives and Experience. Optimal decision making ability at operational and strategic levels is enhanced by effective pattern creation.
“Thinking Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman.
“The Decisive Moment” by Johan Lehrer.


Coaching skills came into prominence with Socrates. The power to clarify reality, raise awareness and engage action make it an essential tool in the leader’s toolkit, significantly raising the bar on performance to deliver results in increasingly more complex and fast moving business environments. Our approach draws on Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence techniques to provide a transformational leadership journey.
“Executive Coaching with Backbone and Heart” by Mary Beth O’Neill.
“Presence” by Peter Senge, Joseph Jaworski and others.

Team Focus 

Working in teams is often the most effective way to deliver business objectives. In many business environments it is essential. The research on team performance and effectiveness establishes the need for key success factors which are often weak or absent in operational teams. The manager and the team members need to agree team-related ways of working together and need to develop skills to raise the bar on team effectiveness and performance. We draw on a variety of thought leaders including Daniel Pink, Edgar H. Schein, Abram Maslow, George Kohlreiser and Patrick Lencioni.“Living non-violent Communication” by Marshall Rosenberg Working with Horses Patrick Lencioni

Influencing and Partnering

These skills overlap and complement one another. Leaders get things done through others – and often through people over whom they have no direct power. They need a range of skills to bring people on board (influencing) and then to maintain and deepen on-going relationships (partnering). Leading in a Matrix environment is an essential Leadership skill.“Care to Dare” by George Kohlrieser

Story-Telling Skills

Effective Leaders Inspire and Motivate others. Storytelling taps into our ability to connect with others at the deepest level, beyond the rational mind. We help leaders create a story arc, develop convincing characters, effectively use emotion, work with dialogue and create inspiring narrative.
“Turning Pro” by Steven Pressfield