Leadership in a Time of Crisis

It’s so easy to think of developing Leadership skills when everything is going well. Our lives are made easy when we have motivated people within our teams who want to learn, use their initiative, are motivated and caring of others. What do we do as Leaders when that is not the case? When the Leaders who are leading us do not appear to know what they are doing? They have no sense of Vision, no sense of caring, they hide themselves from the real world in which we are struggling and only appear to be managing the politics a level above them – to keep themselves in a job.

What do you do? First of all realise that you have choices. You choose your response. You need to find out what your Leader is focusing on, what is his/her vision, what are his/her challenges, how can what you do help their success. That’s one perspective. However, you will also have an eye on the Leader of your Leader – do you understand what they want? What are their values?  This is about perspective – it’s about going “big” – swimming in the perspective of others – knowing what they think, what they value, what the believe and feel. How are you going to do that?

Take an interest.

If you are bored at work.

You’re boring at work.

If you are boring at work, you are not leading in a time of crisis – you are floundering. Your team deserve more. You can give more. We all can – our resources are not finite but infinite in what counts – compassion, empathy, a capacity to listen, to understand, to respond creatively to create with your team a joint vision that allow you to begin your journey from the point of no return.

When your Leader is equally important to you as each member of your team. When your Leader’s leader is equally important, your peers, internal partners, suppliers, customers are all equally important. The point of no return is the end of silo thinking and the understanding of interconnectedness, creativity, the possibility of harmony in conflict and clear seeing within confusion.