Harmony in Leadership

When we listen to a choir singing in harmony it typically creates in us a sense of wonder, of peace and of joy. If we join in and sing, we have to listen carefully to everyone else and to ensure that our voice does not dominate, nor does it bring discord. There is an appreciation that the voices of everyone are essential for the beauty of sound which is created. So it is with Leadership. The Leader has to work with others to create a musical score (vision, strategic focus and individual priorities). The Leader understands the strengths, limitations, motivations and aspirations of others and ensures that each person sings to their strengths. However, they do not sing alone. They have to learn how to support one another – both inside the team and transversally – which means learning to understand and respect other cultures and supporting the environment and community in which they live. The Leader helps the individual, the team and other partners sing the song they were born to sing.  The Leader also understand how the song needs to be sung – the tonal quality, the volume, the pace, the rhythm and this is done by clarifying the Values within the team and ensuring that these Values are lived out in behaviour. They are not only notes on a musical score but are the harmonious embodiment of that score.